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Simple Changes to Make Your Website More User Friendly

Did you know that new clients make a decision about your business within 1/12th of a second of landing on your homepage?

Test your website for “stickiness”.

Get people that visit your site to stay there longer. Google and search engines measure how long a page is viewed before navigating away and your ranking in search results is affected by this. Plus if you can keep people on your page longer, they are more likely to visit your business.

A great way to increase the time someone spends on your home page is to add a video. But keep it short and to the point, and make sure it’s sized properly so it doesn’t take too long to load.

Someone should be able to look at your home page and tell exactly what your business is and what you offer within 3 seconds. Make sure your home page answers the questions: What is it? Why do I want it? and How do I buy it?

Show what your business is like inside.

Always use photos of your business, clients and staff whenever possible – avoiding stock photos. People feel more comfortable coming to a business for the first time if they know what it looks like inside and they know the faces of some people they might see there.

Include a page introducing your staff with pictures of each staff member. Keep the staff bios short and share information your potential clients will be looking for based on the type of services you offer. You can use the MindBody Branded Web staff list widget to do this on your website. Then any staff updates or changes will update on your site automatically.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Make sure your website displays properly for tablets and phones. Search engines penalize businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly sites, displaying them further down in search results. Plus, 35-45% of visitors go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience.

Your business is always evolving, your website should too.

Set an appointment in your calendar once a month to spend time on your website. Update pictures, policies, and other content. Every month you’ll see at it with fresh eyes and make improvements.

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