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Most wellness businesses begin with a vision and passion for improving the lives of the people around them. We jump into this business model because we truly believe in what we’re doing… but pretty quickly things start to change. 


We get stuck trying to find solutions to difficult problems. We freeze, unsure of what comes next. 

We need a superhero. Someone who understands the challenge and can use special powers to cut through the chaos and get lasting results. I owned a successful six figure yoga studio and I learned how to increase revenue, improve client retention, and build strong relationships with my employees. I’ve been there. I know what you need. Let me fight for you.

Teresa Zanardelli

Every wellness business needs a wonder woman.

I provide business coaching and technical services to fitness and wellness businesses.

Wondering about my superpowers? I specialize in empowering wellness businesses and studios to increase revenue, improve client retention, and build strong team relationships by solving problems related to:

  • Pricing Structure & Sales

  • Marketing & Retention

  • Staff Management 

  • Customer Experience Strategies

  • Technology & Software

I give business owners the tools and support they need for long term success. Together we analyze the key metrics in your business and use the data to make positive decisions to move you forward. Put my experience - built during more than a decade inside the yoga & fitness industry - to work for you. Together we’re unstoppable!

Ready to bring new life to your wellness business?

 I've learned SO much in just the few months we've worked together. Best investment I've made in my studio to date!

Yoga Studio Owner

Suzanne H.

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