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Reopening & Rebuilding Strategies - Part One

It feels like you are starting all over again with your business. Maybe you’ve recently gotten the green light to re-open, or you’ve been open for a while but are now seeing some increase in attendance.

Whether you are reopening or already opening, we are all rebuilding. And it’s a whole new ballgame. Lots of changes and some new challenges:

✔ Creating class schedules

✔ Hiring new staff

✔ Developing win-back campaigns for old clients

✔ Creating sales and marketing campaigns to attract new clients

And all with:

🚫 Reduced capacity

💰 Limited cash reserves

🤼 Limited staff

In Part One of this article, we’ll look at where to focus marketing efforts to increase clients coming into your business.

Identify your target audience.

Who is coming, or who is going to be coming?

I'm seeing, in many businesses, when attendance is increasing it's not old clients coming back, it's new clients coming in.

Many businesses have been focusing on bringing old clients/members back. Keep doing that, but you need to really shift a focus to getting new clients. I've had clients ask should we change our mindset back to the way it was when we first opened? The answer is YES!

We are in essence, BUILDING NEW BUSINESSES. So when you go back to that mindset of starting a new business, how do you get new clients?

Here are some ideas to get your brand in front of as many faces as possible.

Signage / Branding

• Sandwich board

• Grass signs

• Bench signs / bus signs

• Car magnets

• Car wrap

• Other (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.)

• Grocery cart ads

Guerilla Marketing

• Post Card/Flyer Distribution

• Street Fairs/Farmers Market - having a table at local events

• Cross Marketing/Referrals

• Open House/Free Demo

Social Commerce

• Groupon / Living Social

Website & Online Marketing

• Branded Web Widgets - prospect widgets as lead magnets on your web site

• Web Site Design/Call to Action Buttons

• Google AdWords & Google My Business

• Search Engine Optimization

Social Media & Online Marketing

• Word Of Mouth Campaign – Referral Rewards/Bring a friend

• Email campaigns - emailing targeted audiences with good content

Auto campaigns - sales funnel for your lead magnet leads.

• Facebook / Insta / Twitter / Blogs

Traditional Advertising

• Print Ads

• Billboards

• Radio

Every business will have a different combination of these based on their ideal client and demographics.

Stay tuned for Part Two where I’ll give you a simple KPI spread sheet to help assess your current situation and plan for the future.

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