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How will you reopen your studio?

The time has come for many, and many are still preparing….to reopen your studio! So much thought and planning has to go into this process. Our studios, schedules, policies, instructors, and classes will not be the same as they were pre-Covid. Here are some things to consider when preparing to reopen – BUT this is not an exhaustive list. This is just something to get you started.


  • How will you structure your pricing, especially if you plan to offer both in person and virtual classes?

  • How will you schedule your classes to keep things simple and streamlined for you customers?

  • Consider offering fewer classes on your reopening schedule and building from there. Adding classes over time based on need and current government restrictions.

  • Set policies surrounding how clients will schedule including class capacities and waitlist policies.

  • Determine your scheduling and cancellation windows and set them accordingly in your Mindbody site.

  • Communicate your scheduling and cancellation policies to your clients clearly in multiple places – emails, website, social media, and Mindbody site.

Class formats

  • Think about what types of classes you offer. You might change up your class formats. Classes that are prop or equipment intensive or heated may not make it on new schedule, at least not in the beginning. This is a time to be flexible with your offerings, and to make any changes that you’ve been wanting to make.

  • Some classes may have included a certain music volume, temperature, or lighting level pre-Covid. These classes may look different post-Covid, and that’s okay.

  • This is also a time to add any new class formats/types you’ve been wanting to try out. Pop up classes are a great way to try out a new format and get client feedback.

Updating/Creating Waivers

  • If you are offering virtual classes, you’ll need to update your liability waivers to include online class verbiage.

  • Your new waiver should include Covid verbiage.

  • Model releases need to be signed by any of your instructors teaching live or recorded virtual classes.

  • Remember since waivers and releases are legal documents, you’ll always need to work with an attorney to formulate them.

  • The process of getting all of your clients to sign new waivers is not an easy one. It can’t be done in Mindbody. You can update your waiver in your Mindbody site, but only new clients from that date forward will have signed the new waiver. I’ve heard a lot of talk about having tech support reset all the waivers but you don’t want to do this. This process makes all previously signed waivers disappear. You can use products like Brandbot and Waiverking to help with getting existing clients to sign new waivers.

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