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How to create (or refine) your intro offer.

Introductory offers are a great way to draw people into your studio, and allow them to try what you have to offer. They allow clients to create a new habit at your studio while allowing your staff time to create a connection with them.

Clients are more likely to come back and purchase something else if they purchase an intro offer, and the intro offer is the beginning of your sales process. The intro offer time period is your chance to educate the client about your services and communicate to them the best pricing options available to them after their intro offer is over.

Your intro offer should be:

Easy to find.

  • Have a page on your website dedicated to new clients and use branded web to include a purchase now button that takes them directly to your intro offer.

  • Post about the offer on social media.

  • Have printed material at the front desk and around the studio advertising the offer.

  • Set up an auto email with your email marketing software that goes out to those that have created an account or registered for their first class to tell them about the offer.

Priced in line with your regular pricing.

  • Not free – statistics show that clients are less likely to return after a freebie intro offer. These free intro offers cheapen your offerings and the client is less likely to value your services.

  • Price your intro offers so that the client values your services, but the offer is still a good deal. A good rule of thumb is to price it no less than half of regular price. So for example if your monthly unlimited package/membership is $99 per month, don’t price your intro month lower than $49.

An appropriate length of time based on your demographic and type of studio.

  • The offer should be a length of time so that clients can attend more than 1 or 2 classes.

  • Clients at high intensity types of classes at fitness studios and hot yoga studios will tend to attend more classes per week so a two-week intro offer might be appropriate.

  • Clients that attend less frequently will need a longer period to experience all you have to offer. In this case a month-long intro offer would work best.

  • The offer should be long enough to allow 4-6 points of contact with the clients. This is your sales process. Many times, a week is not long enough.

A huge priority.

  • As mentioned before your intro offer is the beginning of your sales process. You want most of your new clients to purchase the intro offer - 60-80% is a good target to strive for.

If you aren’t selling many intro offers it’s time to take a closer look at the offer from the customer point of view. Many times a small adjustment in price or duration will be all you need to increase that number and be on the path to better retention!

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