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COVID 19 Tips for your Fitness Business

We are all experiencing big changes right now and sometimes it’s difficult to make business decisions while

navigating all this new territory. Many states have issued mandates for gyms, yoga studios and fitness studios to close their doors, and those that haven’t yet are preparing for this. Here are some points to consider to help navigate this difficult time. I’ve not gone into too much detail with each one because we are all processing so much information right now, but feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have. 1. Write a letter/email to your landlord to request a rent abatement. You can ask that rent be waived for a month or ask that it be added to the end of your lease term. 2. Check with your business insurance provider to see if you have business interruption coverage. 3. If you have closed (or are preparing for that event) consider moving your classes/trainings online. Zoom, youtube, vimeo, facebook, and Instagram are all great options for online classes. 4. MindBody has a media integration that will work with some of these so you can still use MindBody for class scheduling. 5. If you move to an online format consider keeping your current pricing structure in place and encourage members to keep their memberships active - for now. This might have to change depending on how long closures last. 6. If you move your classes online make sure you revamp your waivers for your clients to protect your teaching/instructing in this new format. 7. No matter what you do make every effort to communicate with your community frequently and keep them inspired and engaged. As always, when making changes, make every effort to think carefully think through all decisions. Try to ACT and not REACT. Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have. I'm here to help!

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