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Teresa Z Consulting

Be a Business SUPERHERO

Build success into your fitness or wellness business with focused coaching and tech support 

Ready to Transform?

Teresa Zanardelli


Fitness & Wellness Business Consultant

E-RYT® 500 | YACEP®

Finding solutions.

Fixing issues.

Flexing marketing muscle.

Success in the wellness industry takes more than passion and determination. You've already got that. Right?

You need solutions to the sticky problems that keep you struggling to stay profitable, and a business superhero fighting alongside you.

Ready to take action? 

Start your business strong

 Unsure how to make your wellness business profitable when you’re just starting out?  Let’s build a healthy foundation you can grow on!

Fix issues and keep growing

Retention goes down. Revenue goes down. Suddenly the things you’ve done for years don’t work any more. Together we will fix the sticky problems challenging your growth.

Build health and resilience

Don’t let a changing market threaten your wellness business! Cut through the overwhelm and take focused action to build profitability into your business plan.

Ready to bring new life to your wellness business?

"Teresa is exceptionally organized, responsive, and knowledgeable with all things Mindbody - as well as - the Fitness Industry. She treated the work we shared as if my gym was her own and I can honestly say that I don’t know where we would be now without her."

Gym Owner

Michael L.

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